Threading is a technique that has been practiced for many years in West and South Asia to remove unwanted facial hair. Its most popular application in the United States is in sculpting the eyebrows. Threading is popular because it allows for a greater degree of precision and speed than tweezing or waxing. It is an extremely quick process that does not involve chemicals, nor does it pose any risks of contamination, burns, or skin lifting as with wax. As the name implies, only a cotton thread is needed. Cotton is used because it is softer than synthetic fibers and will not cut the fingers or the face, nor will it expose clients to allergens. This is suitable to those who have had adverse reactions to wax.

The procedure itself is fairly simple. One end of the thread is held in the esthetician’s hand and the other is pulled taut by the mouth (this end does not touch the skin). The thread is twisted and looped around the fingers to grip the hairs and lift them out of the follicles, either individually or in groups. This is much more effective than tweezing, which is more time-consuming and can only target individual hairs. It also takes care of fine, short hairs that may elude forceps. Threading should be completed every two to six weeks, depending on the rate of regrowth.

  1. Brow Shaping ($20)
  2. Full Face ($50)
  3. Upper Lip ($7)